Pope Golf utilizes a proprietary facility and operations evaluation program which is tailored to meet your individual facility needs, yet also considers the specific and changing profile of your particular market.

While there are numerous areas that we cover in detail, the critical importance of the facility’s market and feasibility analysis cannot be over-emphasized. Pope Golf principals have analyzed numerous golf facilities of varying operational type and value, whether it be public, private, resort, residential, or purely ”stand-alone” golf facilities.

This thorough evaluation includes all components of the physical plant and complete analysis of the operations, including evaluation of the golf facility service and policy programs. This highly important function is performed in conjunction with a thorough analysis of the market area's competitive golf facilities and categorized into primary, secondary, and peripheral market radiuses. These processes allow Pope Golf  to correctly position the subject property in the market, a process which greatly benefits in determining its future operational success.

As astute operators and observers of the golf course industry, Pope Golf has witnessed the over-building and saturation of many golf markets in the United States. At the same time, our evaluation and analysis expertise has enabled us to identify specific niches in the market for our clients. This superior positioning of client properties in the market place, combined with the development and implementation of correct market strategies has led, time and again, to successful golf course operations.